Kiddin’ Around

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Kiddin’ Around is an agri-playtime initiative for children of all ages, including the young at heart, to engage in outdoor play with baby goats. An experience in farm-filled family fun, this is a great activity for your entire herd to meet ours! In 30 or 60-minute sessions participants can pet, hold, play with, and bottle-feed our baby Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Playdates are by appointment only! All sessions will be guided and monitored by a member of our team, and parents/guardians are required to stay for the duration of the playdate. Trust us, you’ll want to have those cameras ready!


More than a unique play date, Kiddin’ Around offers opportunities for holistic and therapeutic healing through Human-Animal Interaction (HAI). Numerous studies confirm that HAI increases oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine levels, while reducing cortisol and blood pressure. Participants may notice lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression and greater levels of focus and attention. Additionally, HAI promotes feelings of safety and social connection, while reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Goats, among the first domesticated animals, share an emotional and evolutionary connection with humans. They recognize emotions and read facial expressions, making them ideal therapy animals. Our socialized goats have a fantastic sense of humor and eagerly seek to bond with you.


We will play outside in a grassy area. Please consult your physician about any grass or goat allergies. Occasionally a goat may poop or pee near you; however it is the consistency of pebbles and easy to clean. Very rarely do they relieve themselves on humans. You may experience some slight bruising and scratches that will quickly fade away. Guardians must complete our Liability Waiver & Photo Release Form for each child participating.


We recommend that each participant bring water, sunscreen & bug spray. You may also want to bring a change of clothes. We provide blankets and yoga mats to sit on.


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